The need for expansion joint systems has increased over the years with change in structural design techniques and size of structures. The impact from building movement on individual components of the structure has been minimized by provision of these joints.


Due to aesthetic and waterproofing requirements, specially designed expansion joint systems and covers are installed


We are specialized in installing these systems for all the detailed needs of the consumer as follows:

1.  Interior floor to floor 25% movement

2.  Interior floor to wall 25% movement

3.  Interior wall to wall 25% movement

4.  Exterior floor and walls 25% movement

5.  Roof systems 25% and 100% movement

6.  Exterior parking 25% and 100% movement

7.  Interior floor to floor 100% movement

8.  Interior floor to wall 100% movement

9.  Interior wall to wall 100% movement

10.  Exterior floor and walls 100% movement


We provide Rubber gasket systems and aluminium mill finish systems as per requirements.