Waterproofing Strengthening Expansion Joints Insulation

Building insulation materials are thermal insulation materials used in the construction to reduce heat transfer by conduction, radiation or convection and are employed in varying combinations to achieve the desired outcome (usually thermal comfort with reduced energy consumption).


We use both conventional and unconventional techniques to achieve this.


Nowadays, the most advanced system is of Thermal insulation is of Extruded Polystyrene boards (XPS). They are high performance material with closed cell structure offering the following characteristics:

1.  High insulation value long-term

2.  Reduces internal temperature upto 20ᴼ

3.  Excellent mechanical strength

4.  No capillarity, high moisture resistance

5.  Resistance to freeze-thaw cycles

6.  Long term durability

7.  Lightweight and easy to handle

8.  Easy to cut with simple tools

9.  Resistant to rot and deterioration

10.  Clean, odourless and non—irritant to skin


There are different designs for specific applications in areas such as Roofs, cavity walls, interiors, exteriors, cold storages etc.


The insulation protects the waterproofing from wide temperature changes (+80ᴼ to -20ᴼ), degradation from weathering and mechanical damage during construction, use and maintenance.